Which cameras I love!

Whenever I see a photographer's work, the first thing I want to know is what equipment they've used, so I thought this would be a helpful post to write for anyone wanting to know the same thing. For most professionals, their go-to is the Canon 5D MIII, which is currently the best of the best. If you're like me (a struggling graduate freelance photographer on a tight budget), then you know the price of a Canon 5D MIII is out of the question, so you have to resort to other pieces of equipment.

When doing a big shoot, where I want my images to be of the highest quality, I use a Canon 7D. I used a sizable chunk of my student loan during my second year of university and bought this camera, after my dad's Canon 500D was no longer an option for the quality of work I needed to produce. The 7D is a few levels lower than the quality of a 5D MIII, but it is still an excellent piece of equipment. The best thing about it for me when shooting is the 100-6400 ISO range. If you've seen my work, you'll see that I like it to be well exposed to help maintain my 'clean' aesthetic throughout my portfolio. Having a high ISO is ideal when shooting in low light conditions, especially when you don't have an additional lighting source. Alongside my Canon 7D, my 24-70mm lens helps me to capture sharp, wide-angle shots, which is invaluable when photographing interiors. Its aperture range from f.4-f.22 also helps immensely when shooting in low light situations and capturing ultra sharp to shallow depth of field images! 

As much as I love the Canon 7D camera, I sometimes don't want to/can't be bothered to lug it around, especially when the hefty 24-70mm lens is attached! I've been researching into compact cameras, which still capture high resolution images, but are a great deal smaller and lighter than a DSLR. I finally found the perfect alternative - an Olympus Pen E-PL8. This pocket rocket has a huge range of functions, including HD film recording, images filters and a fold down touch screen. My favourite and most appealing feature is the WIFI image sharing. This allows me to instantly transfer images from my camera straight to my iphone, where I can edit and upload them onto my website or social media pages - great for when you capture that perfect shot and want to show it off ASAP.



Probably the most used and underrated camera in the entire world - the Apple iphone. I never leave the house without my iphone 7-Plus and probably never go a day without capturing something on the camera. The quality of image produced never ceases to amaze me, with its high resolution and exposure control - some of my favourite images have been shot on an iphone! I think the best advantage of shooting on my iphone for me, along with many other photographers and bloggers, is having the ability to capture, edit and share an image instantly. There are so many apps available now to edit your images with, but my personal favourites are LightRoom, VSCO cam and the iphone edit tools themselves!