The beginning

I've been putting off the thought of creating a blog on my website for a while, but times have changed and I feel this is the next step I need to take, in order to develop and improve my work. At university, we were required to keep a 'reflective journal', where we had to document anything that inspired us or influenced our work. I used to dread the thought of sitting down and writing pages and pages of my thoughts, but looking back now after graduation, I miss having a physical place to store my images and ideas.

Writing interesting blog content has never come naturally to me - it usually takes me a solid hour before I can even start to form a sentence. However, my current job role as a creative artist involves me thinking up and writing blog content every once in a while, and I've actually come to enjoy doing it. Being a photographer, my mind is full of visual content and not so much theory, so thinking of possible topics to write about feels very daunting. After much consideration, I decided I need to face the challenge and maybe just use this blog as a platform to share what I've been working on, where I've been and what's influencing me at the current time. I also want to use it as another place to share more images, that don't necessarily have a purpose on my website portfolio but deserve to be seen.

As much as I'd like to post regular content, my blog probably won't be updated that often, but I'm going to challenge myself to conjure up a few ideas each month to share, so stay tuned!